Removing the old UHE plugin

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on ‘File’ 1 a58c5f82bcb3bdd0379526d8b71966f47a2d54ebe00cab63361e86ac32d52441
  2. Select ‘Options’ 2 e72b9cde7cee8d400e70e1416d7f8f6522d3d66a4b66cb92a36d1bf9385834e4
  3. From the ‘Outlook Options’ popup, choose ‘Add-ins’ 3 5b9bee440f1b604f560d2b2b5a0df7a9ea7881913f6ccfd507cb97931e115cad
  4. Ensure ‘COM Add-ins’ is selected in the ‘Manage’ section, and choose ‘Go…’ 4 67dfbd3384301a61378047afb6750cbbf7b16f45fe909d0bff98597c908b3cec
  5. From the list of Add-ins available, click the row which is named ‘Univago Outlook Addin’, then click ‘Remove’ 5 c9cb2cce0bc302e0523bc66263216d2fb7b652c7ca756f5a89929af0b757113f
  6. Click ‘Ok’ to finish

Download new UHE plugin

Installing the new UHE plugin

  1. Click on the 'UnivagoAddinSetup2.3.8.msi' file in your download folder to initiate the installation.
  2. Click "Install" to continue. Follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard to complete the installation process. Once the installation has completed restart Microsoft Outlook.
  3. After installing the add-in and restarting Outlook you should now have a "Schedule Meeting" button in your Outlook calendar view. Install1 5385056e8b439508c4047be11b3c86f51e2cb370c7049f1e2074536fe209f3db
  4. From your main Outlook view you can click on "Calendar" to access the Univago Add-in.

Initial setup

  1. The first time you use the Univago Outlook Add-in it will prompt you to input your Univago credentials. This allows the AddIn to automatically generate your URoom connection information in your meeting invites. Enter the email and password used for your Univago account and click “Sign In”. Install2 3a49bd34aebc4b6626cf628c5888a81cbc780e7541b736978998a00287490e6f

Schedule a meeting

  1. In your “Calendar View” click on the “Schedule Meeting” button. A meeting invite will open in a new window. Here you can customize the meeting details like any other meeting scheduled via Outlook. The detailed connection information needed to join your URoom is automatically generated in the body of the invite. Install3 9361ad85eefcc710f8010d473fa88443376edd0b053417b72b4101396ff123b8